1. Complementary Reflection (), Communalism and Theory Formulation in African Philosophy-5-----Innocent Asouzu
  2. The Process Metaphysics of Whitehead : An Expose -29----- Hussein Inusah
  3. Non­­­-Thomistic Medieval Metaphysics -36-----Frank Amissah
  4. Metaphysics, Occultism and Development in Africa -49-----Francis Etim
  5. Einstein’s Question to Kant and Newton: Space and Time or Space-Time? -64-----Ephraim Stephen Essien
  6. The Growth of Science in Developing Nations:A Philosophical Discourse -79-----Jerry Obi-Okogbuo
  7. Science, Christianity and African Traditional Religion: A Comparative Analysis -87-----Godwin C. Egbucha
  8. Ethnicity: An Elitist Invention -98-----Iniobong D. Umot ong, Innocent I. Mebiri
  9. The Influence of Colonialism on Some Core Indigenous Igbo Values-109-----Udochu Eke
  10. The Erosion of Family Values in Nigeria:Any Hope for Future Generations? -117-----Sunday David Inyang
  11. An Examination of Senghor’s Negritude - 124-----Matthew Joseph Akpan
  12. The Heritage ofthe Mouth: Oral Sources, a Study of African Traditional Religion - 132-----George Tasie