1. 1. The meanings of complementarity in physics and philosophy and their intersection with compatibility principle...Ephraim Stephen Essien
  2. Being as being and complementary reflection.... Emmanuel Efem Etta, Joseph Nkang Ogar
  3. Being as missing links....Mesembe Edet
  4. Complementary ethical reflection and the ‘culture of normalizing anomalies’ in Nigeria.... Chris O. Akpan, Mary J. Egbai
  5. Dissecting the character of “danda” the ant and neutralizing the philosophy of missing links: An “egbe n’ ugo” conundrum....Jonathan Chimakonam Okeke
  6. Explanation, supernaturalism and complementary rationality....Dimgba Dimgba Esowe
  7. Imperialism and the African desire for “ibuanyidanda” for economic growth.... Ephraim Ikegbu, Patrick Mbum,Francis Ofoegbu
  8. The epistemological implications of Asouzu’s ‘ima–onwe–onye” or“being–in–control”....Egbe Chidimma Ogbonna
  9. The legitimizing role of the concept of joy-of-being in Asouzu’s complementary reflection and the socio-political philosophies of Locke and Hobbes...Edor John Edor
  10. Religious intolerance and Asouzu’s complementary ontology….Ibrahim Adekunle Adeshemola
  11. Explanation as a comprehensive task in complementary reflection...Emmanuel Efem Etta, Joseph Nkang Ogar
  12. On the ontology of the mind....Raymond N. Osei
  13. Analytic – synthetic dichotomy in Kant and the logical positivists: A comparative analysis….Francis Israel Minimah
  14. The vindication of abduction as a logic and methodology of science….Jerome P. Mbat
  15. Philosophy and national development:A critical reflection on the Nigerian challenge…Andrew O. Efemini
  16. Aristotelian-Thomistic theory of natural law vis-à-vis modern philosophy….Chinenye Leo Ochulor, Edwin Omini Otu
  17. Narrative identity and the self: A re-examination of Paul Ricoeur on personal identity….Christopher N. Etokudoh
  18. Why I do not believe in witchcraft….Dominic S. Umoh
  19. Malcom X’s theory of violence in conflict resolution....  Emmamnuel B. Eyo
  20. A critique of Kant’s ideas of ego and infinity....Kidzu T. Oweh
  21. Recreating science education with evolving pedagogical skills...Patrick J. Uko
  22. Nyerere’s socialism as a model for social studies education towards self-development in Nigeria....Imo M. Obot and Essien Ekpenyong Essien
  23. Philosophical criticism as a tool for social change: A case study of style in Okara’s The Voice....Joseph Udondata
  24. Rationalism and the 17th century philosophical climate.....Iniobong D. Umotong
  25. Kidnapping and its impacts on the socio-economic development of the Nigerian society.....Emmanuel A. Udosen