Journal of Complementary Reflection: Studies in Asouzu’s Ibuanyidanda Philosophy is an internationally peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Classics and Philosophy,University of Cape Coast,Ghana.

The journal seeks to publish articles and book reviews on subjects relating to complementary aspects in and beyond African thought. Any complementary thinking must affirm that anything that exists serves a missing link of reality: the basic thesis of Asouzuism. This philosophical oeuvre and system of thought in Africa was developed and articulated by Innocent Asouzu, who, by depth and width, genius, creativity and insight, is the most contemporary original African thinker of the twenty first century. Complementary thinking can come from any discipline, including the humanities and social sciences broadly construed. Views expressed in this journal are not necessarily those of the copy right owner.

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All references, according to APA method, should be included. Law articles may use footnotes. For more information, write to the Editor in Chief at inks4peace@yahoo.co.uk